Waiting is over: First Direct Drive Base from Thrustmaster launched: T818

Waiting is over: First Direct Drive Base from Thrustmaster launched: T818

The time of announcements is finally over – Thrustmaster is presenting its first own Direct Drive Wheel Base in today’s livestream on Twitch. You can find out all the details here.

Strength and technology

With the new T818 Wheel Base, Thrustmaster is using direct drive for the first time. It will have a power of 10 Newton metres.

Thrustmaster promises not to use any filters with the FFB, also to enable the lowest possible latency. The aim is to achieve additional improvement over the previous wheel bases from Thrustmaster with a high acceleration. The T818 base is two times as strong as the TS-PC Racer Servo Base with four times the acceleration.


At the start, the Wheel Base will only be available for use with the PC. It is not yet known when console compatibility will be added.

New Quick Release in aluminium and plastic

With the new base, the old Quick Release has also become obsolete. The new Quick Release will offer backwards compatibility with the old Thrustmaster steering wheels via an adapter and will be included in the scope of delivery (1x).

The new system works via a lever that allows the steering wheels to be changed in a few seconds. The extent to which this system will meet the requirements for flexibility and reliability in everyday use has yet to be proven in practice.

LED ring

The controllable LED ring on the front will be fully adjustable. This way, telemetry data from the simulation can be displayed there accordingly.

Five different colours

At the launch of the T818 Wheel Base, you will be able to choose from five different colours.

Mounting options

Thrustmaster is offering two different options at launch. These consist of a Desk Mounting Kit for 49.99€ and a Cockpit Mounting Kit for 39.99€.


The T818 will cost 649.99€ at launch. A special pre-order offer for an additional cover is €15 instead of the regular €30.

  • T818 Wheel Base: 649.99
  • DESK MOUNTING KIT for T818: 49.99€
  • COCKPIT MOUNTING KIT for T818: 39.99€
  • Quick Release Adapter: 34.99€


At launch, the base will be available exclusively via the Thrustmsater EU shop. The manufacturer promises delivery before Christmas.

Neue Lenkräder angekündigt

Thrusmaster hat zudem eine Reihe von neuen “Next-Gen” – Lenkrädern angekündigt, welche direkt mit dem neuen Quick Release ausgestattet sein werden.

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