Asetek Forte Wheel Base, Invicta Wheel Base and La Prima Bundle revealed

Asetek Forte Wheel Base, Invicta Wheel Base and La Prima Bundle revealed

André Eriksen, founder and CEO of Asetek shared the first details of the Danish company’s new products in a 12 minute video. From 10.11. at 12:00 CET, pre-ordering will be possible via Asetek’s website. As with the previous product launches, no prepayment is required.

Wheel Bases with 12, 18 and 27 Newton meters

The ecosystem is now finally complemented by three different wheel bases, which are of course aligned with the Direct Drive – principle. The following prices are due for the entry at Asetek:

  • Asetek Forte Wheel Base (18 NM): 999.99€
  • Asetek Invicta Wheel Base (27 NM): 1499.99€
  • Asetek La Prima Bundle (12 NM): 1349.99€

The Simucube QR-style Quick Release, designed in collaboration with Granite Devices Inc, ensures the connection of in-house and, in the future, third-party steering wheels. It provides both power and data without the need for additional cables.

La Prima Wheel Base only bundled

The smallest of the Wheel Bases will only be available in a bundle with pedals and a steering wheel at the start of the offer. More details will be announced here shortly. There will be an upgrade option for the base to bring it up to the level of the Forte Base. This consists of a new circuit board, the LED strips and a stronger power supply.

First impressions of the Forte Wheel

In the course of the presentation, one could also take a first look at the finished Forte wheel. You can find the first impression here:

Different-options for mounting

Asetek has listened to the customers’ wishes and will offer an optional front mount. Besides this, there is also the option to mount the base on the bottom and sides. There should be a suitable option for everyone here.

200€ voucher for pedal owners

Every buyer of a pedal set from Asetek (before shipping of the Wheel Bases), who has already purchased a pedal set from Asetek or an official reseller, will receive a 200€ voucher for the store of Asetek. Details about the process will be published with the start of the pre-orders.

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