EPLAB Racedisplay-PRO – Review

EPLAB Racedisplay-PRO – Review

What do you do as a simracer when you think you have perfected your setup? That’s right, install gadgets like the EPLAB Racedisplay-PRO. The Racelogic-style replica can display various information and visually enhance your the sim rig.

Order and shipping

EPLAB bietet das EPLAB Racedisplay-PRO auf der eigenen Webseite zu einem Preis von 165€ an. Für den Versand nach Deutschland aus Italien kommen dann noch 15€ hinzu.

Scope of delivery

No big surprises are waiting for the buyer here. Besides the racer display, only a sticker and a mounting bracket are included.


EPLAb’s Racedisplay-PRO comes pre-assembled to the customer and can be attached to the Simrig using the mounting bracket. Alternatively, it can be easily installed with other suitable materials due to its low weight. The included USB cable is then connected to the PC and you’re ready to go.

Note: The built-in Vocore display is picky about the USB ports used. If possible, you should use a USB 2.0 / 3.0 USB port here.

Software / SImhub

The software is the key component of the display. Simhub is currently the most popular simracing software for dashboards and displays of all kinds. Additionally, only the drivers from VoCore are required.

A premium license from Simhub is required to use the full refresh rate of the display in the software. This license is already available for 5€ and is a clear recommendation.


The Dash package for SImhub belonging to the display is very detailed and lovingly designed. A wide variety of information can be displayed on ten different pages, including the idle screen:

  • Live timing
  • Tire information + telemetry
  • Info about fuel consumption and tank capacity
  • Track Map
  • CPU / GPU / RAM – utilization
  • Delta Session Best Lap
  • Delta All Time Best Lap
  • Car Behind / Car Ahead
  • Speed + Gear + Delta

So there should be a suitable page for everyone here. If not, the designs in Simhub can be fully customized to your own needs. Other fonts are possible as well as changes to the layout or adding completely new information according to your own taste.

Additionally, the display offers two “LEDs” through the cutouts on the front. In the delta screen, these light up green or red depending on whether you are in minus or plus. Of course, these can also be adjusted via the software. However, you have to use the Simhub editor for this, just like for the other adjustments. Basic programming knowledge is definitely an advantage here.


Do you need EPLAB’s Racedisplay-PRO? No, not necessarily. Does it visually enhance your simrig and is it an absolute nice to have? Definitely!

The display has a clean finish and is visually enhanced by the Alcantara. However, the use of the versatile VoCore screen makes it rather bulky in the process. It is easy to mount and is ready for use in a few minutes thanks to the included software.

The latter offers many different ready-made screens and can be adapted well to your own needs with a little training. With a price of just under 200€, the Racedisplay is certainly no bargain, but overall still a recommended purchase.

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