Simucube ActivePedal revealed

Simucube ActivePedal revealed

The manufacturer Simucube, which is mainly known for its popular Direct Drive Wheel Bases, presented a new product today during a livestream on Twitch: With the new ActivePedal, they abandon springs and/or hydraulic components completely as you are currently used to from most simracing pedals. Instead, Simucube relies on a combination of a load cell and an active motor.

Active effecte

Another new feature is the direct feedback via the pedals. For example, you will be able to feel the onset of ABS or the vibrations of the engine as effects directly on the pedal.

  • ABS
  • RPMs
  • Further effects with later software updates

Settings via software

Simucube’s approach means that all settings on the pedals will be fully adjustable via the software. This applies to both the braking force required and the travel. This makes it possible to switch on-the-fly between settings for GT3 race cars and road cars, for example.


The maximum braking force is specified by Simucube as 200 kilos. To measure this, a commercially available load cell is used in the first step. This passes on the information about the applied brake pressure to the motor, which is then moved the distance specified in the software. This movement is passed on to the pedal arm via a linear axis.


The basic functions of the pedals will be compatible with any game that supports commercial pedals. For the additional functions (ABS etc.) Simucube has to use telemetry data from the simulation. As of now, three (unnamed) simulations are compatible.

Price and availability

Pre-orders will be possible in Q4 2022 (December). The price will be announced in the course of this. Interested parties can sign up for the newsletter here:

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