Gamescom 2022 – Asetek Invicta Wheel Base and Forte Steering Wheel

Gamescom 2022 – Asetek Invicta Wheel Base and Forte Steering Wheel

At this year’s Gamescom in Cologne, you can take a first glance at the new products from Asetek. These are especially the new Invicta Premium Wheel Base with 27 Newton meters and the Forte Steering Wheel in Formula style. Both are currently still declared as pre-production units, so we can assume that there will be some changes before the final release.

For the first test drives, either a GT3 car or a Ferrari F1 bolide will be available, which will be driven around Spa-Francorchamps.

Invicta Wheel Base ans Forte Wheel Base

The new heart of Asetek will undoubtedly be the two wheel bases with 18 NM (Forte) and 27 NM (Invicta). Thanks to the know-how acquired from Granite Devices, both in terms of the Quick Release and the technology and software of the base, there were no nasty surprises in the Force Feedback. The base, which was limited to just under 10 Newton meters for the Gamescom, was immediately appealing and by the second stint in Spa the focus was on chasing times – just as it should be. With a little fine-tuning, a real high-end base will certainly make its way onto the simracing market.

According to Asetek, the currently still comparatively bulky dimensions of the base will most likely be reduced a bit until the finished product.

Forte Steering Wheel

Another new product is the Forte Steering Wheel from Asetek. Like the base, it is currently not in a final state and will probably change a bit before the release. However, the shifters already feel very good and the steering wheel is comfortable to hold. With the 3D-printed parts, it is still difficult to make an initial judgment.

The quick release also worked without problems in the first tests and the data transfer ran without interruptions. A nice gimmick are the RGB LEDs corresponding to the buttons, which flash when triggered.

A final rating is still difficult due to the early development stage, but the first impression of the wheel is quite positive.

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