VRS DirectForce Pro Steering Wheel – First impressions

VRS DirectForce Pro Steering Wheel – First impressions

At the event of RENNSPORT in Cologne (link to the report) SImracing-PC was able to take a first look at the soon to be released steering wheel from VRS. It is supposed to complete the existing range (VRS DirectForce Pro Wheel Base and pedals).

The steering wheel in detail

David Williams (Twitter profile), driver for the well-known team Coanda Esports and co-developer of the steering wheel, describes the approach for the philosophy of the wheel as follows: As with pedals and the base, the main focus is to be on ergonomics and the user experience in practice. Playful design elements are therefore just as rare as unneeded functions keys.

This is also apparent in the first laps in RENNSPORT. The rubber grips fit very well in the hand, the encoders are pleasant to use and the buttons are just as easy to reach as the built-in 7-way switch. The magnetic shift paddles (controlled via a Hall sensor) also trigger reliably and confirm the gearshift with a rich feedback.

Overall, the steering wheel from VRS, which will probably still be available in 2022, makes a very solid first impression. It will be interesting to see in which price segment it will end up and to what extent it will change before the release.

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