MOZA GS Formula Racing Wheel – Review

MOZA GS Formula Racing Wheel – Review

Following the in-depth review of the MOZA R9 Wheel Base (link to review), it’s now time for the matching steering wheel. The MOZA GS Formula Racing Wheel is currently probably the most attractive steering wheel in the manufacturer’s range and offers everything a simracer’s heart desires.

Order and shipping

The products of Moza can be ordered directly from the manufacturer in China, but in addition relatively high shipping costs and customs fees + taxes are incurred on import. It is therefore recommended to purchase the products from a European dealer. In Germany, for example, there is the provider Sim-Motion, which also provided the steering wheel for this review free of charge. Of course, there was no influence, and there were no conditions imposed by the German retailer.

A price of 499€ is currently listed for the steering wheel.

Scope of delivery

The scope of delivery is simple, but includes everything you need to get the steering wheel up and running. In addition to a sticker set, MOZA includes an Allen wrench and small pads for damping the magnetic shifter in the package, which otherwise only contains the steering wheel in a fabric cover and a quick guide.

  • MOZA GS Formula Racing Wheel
  • Tool Kit: Hexagon screwdriver / Mute pad x 4
  • Portable cloth bag
  • Sticker set


The steering wheel can be combined with any currently available base from MOZA (MOZA R9, R16, R21) and is therefore also compatible with the respective supported simulations.

At the moment, the MOZA GS Formula Racing Wheel is not compatible with the systems of other manufacturers, so it is not possible to use it on the console.

Scope of functions

Function keys

The function keys are undoubtedly one of the wheel’s strengths. Here, the steering wheel really does not have to hide:

  • 10 illuminated pushbuttons, which can be individualized in color. The design, similar to mechanical keyboards, is unusual. They basically feel a bit softer, but still have a defined pressure point. However, other high end manufacturers currently manage this a bit better.
  • 5 rotary encoders , which also have a button function. The caps are made of aluminum and have a very clean finish.
  • 2 additional encoders, which are positioned in such a way that they can be easily operated with the thumb while driving. These are very practical, especially for frequently needed settings (example brake balance). However, they do not come close to the very good encoders on the front of the wheel in terms of quality. The additional push button there is also relatively difficult to use due to the unusual angle.
  • 2 JoySticks, which can also be configured as a D-pad. This also works in principle, but the 7-way switches installed on many steering wheels would be more convenient to use.

Shifter + dual clutch

The installed magnetic shifters are extremely solid and made with pedal plates made of forged carbon. From the release force they are rather heavy to operate, but thereby achieve a nice firm trigger feeling. To dampen the otherwise very loud shifters a little MOZA puts handy matching material with in the box.

The configurable dual clutch is also very stiff and can be adapted to the user’s needs via MOZA’s software. For the price range, it is definitely a strong selling point.

Materials and finishing

With the 300-millimeter-diameter steering wheel, MOZA has managed a balancing act between high-quality materials and a low price. The front consists of a five-millimeter-thick plate of forged carbon, which extends into the interior of the Alcantara grips. These offer a good grip, even though maintenance-free versions made of rubber are becoming increasingly popular in the meantime. Thanks to the easy disassembly, the grips, which are very reminiscent of Fanatec’s Formula Wheels, can be very easily replaced with third-party replicas if necessary.

The back of the GS Steering Wheel is made of plastic, but this does not lead to any serious flexing of the steering wheel in practice. Overall, the workmanship is good except for minor weaknesses (grip cover, sticker quality).


The RPM BAR installed on the upper edge of the steering wheel, which consists of 10 configurable LEDs, is very useful. These are diffused and can be individually adjusted both in color and triggering time.

Quick Release

The very good Quick Release is currently one of the biggest strengths in the MOZA ecosystem. Both power (via the QR) and data (via direct Bluetooth communication with the Wheel Base) are transmitted completely wirelessly without the need for a battery. In addition, the very stable and almost completely flex-free system is compatible with NRG’s inexpensive Quick Release, which is especially interesting for DIY enthusiasts.

Driving impression


With the GS Formula Racing Wheel, MOZA has launched a really good steering wheel. It can score points with the very large number of function keys as well as with the illuminated buttons and the built-in RPM-BAR. Unusual for the called price is the installed double clutch, the QR system of MOZA is also positive to mention.


  • Price/performance ratio
  • Number of function keys
  • Magnet-Shifter + Dual clutch
  • Quick Release
  • Forged Carbon front plate


  • Button activation feel
  • (Small weaknesses in the finish)

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