New MECA EVO Hardware – (Hydraulic) pedals, handbrake and shifter.

New MECA EVO Hardware – (Hydraulic) pedals, handbrake and shifter.

Meca Sim Hardware has presented the new EVO series, a successor to the Meca Cup 1, which is well known in the simracing scene. In addition to a direct further development, based on the well-known Loadcell principle, the manufacturer now also ventures into a new area with the hydraulic MECA EVO1 – HYDRAULIC. A likewise new handbrake and a sequential shifter complete the product line, which should be available from the first of September and can already be pre-ordered now.

Meca EVO1 – LC

The new Loadcell pedals are available as a two-pedal set for around 592€ including VAT. If you also want to use a clutch, an additional 121€ is called out, for the optional elongated face plate for the gas pedal, meanwhile, a slim 17€ is enough. To mount the pedals firmly, Meca offers an additional base plate, which has an adjustable heel rest. This is available in Germany for 85€ including VAT.

Meca EVO1 – Hydraulic

The hydraulic Meca EVO1 are the new highlight in the range of the manufacturer, as he proudly announces:

In order to get even closer to a real race car, we have also developed a hydraulic version of the brake pedal. Therefore, the pedal is equipped with a master cylinder of the Willwood brand and a slave cylinder of its own production. During the development, emphasis was placed on smooth operation, system tightness and durability. The slave cylinder is equipped with polyurethanes with an unrivaled system of cups, which protect the polyurethanes from overload and at the same time simulate the pressure of the brake system.

With a price of 810 €, the pedals are at the lower end of the market for hydraulic solutions and cost about 220 € more than the version with Loadcell. Whether they are worth this, first test reports will have to show.

Meca EVO Handbrake / Meca EVO SQ

The new EVO Handbrake and the Meca EVO SQ Shifter complete the new product line and are each made of 4 millimeter thick steel. While the sequential shifter can be adjusted in a range from 2 to 7 kilos of shifting force, the handbrake is equipped with a 200 kilo loadcell from the manufacturer Mavin. Both products are available directly from Meca for 286€ each.

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