Racelab Overlays for iRacing – 2022 Guide

Racelab Overlays for iRacing – 2022 Guide

Racelab is a provider of iRacing overlays that has been on the market for several years and is constantly expanding its range. Meanwhile, in addition to the very popular overlays, there is also the possibility to upload and download community setups as well as information about the various iRacing series.


Relative – Overlay

The heart of the software is probably the popular and well-known Relative overlay, which follows the original from IRacing and extends it with some additional options.

Even in the free version, some aspects of the overlay can be personalized, such as the size, the information displayed above the drivers, and the last or fastest laps of the drivers.

In the Pro version, some design aspects (for example, the font), as well as other specific settings can be personalized.

Standing – Overlay

The standing overlay has also become indispensable for many drivers. This shows either all vehicles together or separately in their classes. In addition, the current distances, the times and other information about the individual drivers.

Again, you have some personalization options analog to the relative display. Particularly appealing are the possible display of the vehicle class and the SoF in the Pro version.

H. Standing – Overlay

The second overlay for the current state of the race is horizontal and is therefore well suited to be used at the bottom or top of the screen.

In the Pro version, the font and additionally the parameters to be displayed on the left and right side can be defined individually here as well.

Fuel Calculator – Overlay

The Fuel Calculator displays useful information about your own fuel consumption. In addition, with the option “Auto refuel” it offers the possibility to automatically select the amount of fuel needed until the end of the current race at the pitstop.

Boost – Overlay

The boost overlay is designed for vehicles with a corresponding mechanism and clearly provides all required information on the remaining and used boost.

Flags – Overlay

The flag overlay is, as the name suggests, a simple little display that shows the flags currently waved in the game.

Advanced Panel – Overlay

The Advanced Panel displays the most important information you need during a race: The RPM including RPM LEDs, the speed and the current gear. In the Pro version, more customizations can be made here as well.

Radar – Overlay

The radar overlay will certainly be remembered by some sim racers from Assetto Corsa and its successor Assetto Corsa Competizione as Helicorsa. It provides a rough overview in a duel and shows the position of the opposing vehicles.

In Pro mode, you can also select a dark mode and adjust the transparency individually.

Pro – Overlays

The following Pro Overlays can only be used with a Premium Membership:

Input Telemetry – Overlay

In the telemetry overlay, pedal inputs and steering wheel movements can be tracked. This can be particularly advantageous for vehicles without ABS when finding the correct brake pressure. The graphic for the steering wheel can be replaced by that of the user’s own wheel. Many people will already be familiar with this overlay from live streams.

Head 2 Head – Overlay

This practical little overlay is about the Head 2 Head comparison, which enables a direct comparison with the rider in front of and behind you. You can quickly see in which sectors you are gaining time and where there is still some room for improvement.

Track Map – Overlay

The track map is a detailed representation of the currently driven track including all vehicles. Especially in case of a spin or a trip into the gravel bed, you can get a good overview of whether a safe return to the track is already possible.

Flat Map – Overlay

Analogous to the normal track map, the positions of the drivers are projected onto a straight line. This is especially interesting for race broadcasts.

Data Blocks – Overlays

In the Data Blocks, individual telemetry data can be displayed separately. It is also possible, for example, to display the current route name or similar information.

Pit Box Helper – Overlay

A useful little helper for the perfect pit stop can be found in this overlay. The distance to your own pit spot can be found here, as well as the delta to the maximum allowed speed in the pit lane.


Racelab has also given special thought to streamers. All overlays can be integrated into the well-known programs for live streaming via specially generated links:

Extra for streaming, the following two blocks have also been added, for example:

Pit – Cover


iRacing – Series




Conclusion and prices

Racelab offers real added value, both in the free basic version and in the Pro variant, which can be purchased for around 10 cents per day (3.90€ per month / 39.90€ in an annual package).

It is recommended to first try the free version and then decide whether you want to use the amenities of the Pro version. This offers some recommendable additional features (especially the telemetry overlay) and extended possibilities for personalization.

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