DIY-Project: New end-stop for the Asetek Invicta pedals

DIY-Project: New end-stop for the Asetek Invicta pedals

We are currently reviewing the Invicta pedals from Asetek. In the process, there is once again a small DIY project: The TPU printed end stops are placed on the original screws and thus dampen the noise that occurs when reaching the end position of the throttle.

Printing and assembly

The individual parts of the mod can be printed without a support structure and the infill can be selected as desired. Printing with a flexible filament such as TPU is recommended, here a relatively inexpensive filament from Amazon (link*) was used.

The printed parts are then placed on the existing screw one after the other; no tools or additional material are required.

Seven different sizes

The cap is available in seven sizes to allow an end-stop in different positions, the following parts are combined:

9 Millimeter2 Millimeter
10 Millimeter3 Millimeter
11 Millimeter4 Millimeter
12 Millimeter5 Millimeter
13 Millimeter6 Millimeter
14 Millimeter7 Millimeter
15 Millimeter8 Millimeter


The files can be downloaded from the following link:

No commercial use without prior permission.

(If the download does not start by itself: right click -> select save link as)

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