MOZA Racing CS Steering Wheel, SRP Pedale and CM HD Digital Dash now available

MOZA Racing CS Steering Wheel, SRP Pedale and CM HD Digital Dash now available

The Chinese manufacturer Moza has once again brought a range of new products to the simracing market. These are available directly from Moza in the store and can be ordered there now. This time, the lineup includes entry-level pedals, an affordable dashboard and a round steering wheel.

MOZA CS Steering Wheel

The CS Steering Wheel is the third steering wheel released by MOZA and is priced at $279 + tax. Like the other models, it is wirelessly operated and features magnetic shifters. The Alcantara-covered steering wheel also has an integrated LED band consisting of 10 LEDs and can be configured via MOZA’s software.


Rim MaterialAlcantara® made in Italy
Plate MaterialAluminum Alloy
Rear Housing MaterialAluminum Alloy
Magnetic Shifter MaterialForged Carbon Fiber
Size13 inch
Magnetic Shifters2
Mechanical Key Buttons6
Highlighted LED RGB Light Beads10
LED Colors7 for customization
Intelligent TelemetryYes
Light setting in MOZA Pit HouseYes
Knock-Down (K/D) MethodReal Car Quick Release
Transmission ModeWireless
Paddle SensorContactless photoelectric sensor


With the SRP pedals, Moza brings pedals to the market, which are probably aimed primarily at beginners. They are available on the market for $179 (2-pedal set) or $219 excluding taxes. The pedals have a 75 kilo loadcell and can be connected directly to the PC. Due to the design of the bottom side, it should be possible to use the pedals without a rig, according to MOZA.


MaterialHigh-strength steel
Plate MaterialHigh-strength steel
Braking SensorPressure sensor+angle sensor
Max Range of Pressure Sensor75KG
Throttle SensorAngle sensor
Clutch SensorAngle sensor
Angle Sensor Resolution16-bit (65536ppr)
Pedal SpacingAdjustable
Pedal Surface HeightAdjustable
Pedal Connection PortUSB direct
Pedal Travel Software AdjustmentYes
Pedal Travel Reverse FunctionYes
Anti-Slipping BottomYes

MOZA CM HD Digital Dash

The CM Digital Dash is designed specifically for the R9 Base and is height adjustable in various positions. With a price of $159 excluding VAT, it is significantly cheaper than the RM sister model. A 5-inch screen size at 60 Hz and a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels should be enough for most situations, but unfortunately you have to limit yourself to the manufacturer’s seven different dash designs,


Size5 inch
Number of colors16.7 million
StyleThin and floating
Refresh rate60HZ
Interface styles7 types
Display contentsspeed per hour, rotating speed, gear position, gas volume, current lap speed, the fastest lap speed, the previous lap speed, the real-time speed difference than the fastest lap, tire pressure, ranking, time difference with competitors.

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