DIY-Project: LED RPM-Bar by Simracing-PC

DIY-Project: LED RPM-Bar by Simracing-PC

The featured RPM bar is based on the Simhub software and is therefore compatible with all common racing simulations. It consists of 16 individually controllable LEDs, which are operated via an Arduino (Nano) and is connected to the PC via a USB cable.

List of parts

Important: The dimensions of the NeoPixel boards vary. The project shown here is adapted to the size of the linked board (which also differs from the manufacturer’s specifications). For other boards, however, the height and width of the .STL files can be scaled accordingly.


The case consists of three parts: The main part and the frame are printed with black PLA, the cover is printed with white PLA. All parts can be printed without support without any problems.

No commercial use without prior permission.

(If the download does not start by itself: right click -> select save link as)

Wiring and assembly

The wiring of the LEDs is again very simple and is done according to the instructions from Simhub (link). The assembly is of course at your own risk!

DIN -> D6
5V  -> 5V

The two boards are connected to each other as follows:

5V -> 5V

Assembly does not require any additional material, the parts are simply pushed into each other and are thus fixed.

Simhub setup

In Simhub, the appropriate sketch must now be installed (see picture, alternatively see link) and the behavior of the LEDs must be defined. Here a simple gradient GREEN -> RED was chosen with blinking effect when reaching the redline.

However, it is also possible to specify custom effects for each of the 16 LEDs, including flag effects.

The finished LED-Bar

Finally, some pictures of the finished LED bar, including a short video. Have fun with the rebuild!

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      Yes, you only need to adjust the number of LEDs in the Simhub sketch accordingly
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