DIY Project: LED Shift Light by Simracing-PC

DIY Project: LED Shift Light by Simracing-PC

The project featured today is based on the Simhub software and is therefore compatible with all common racing simulations. The material costs for the electronic components are around 15-20€, plus costs for 3D printing and wiring if necessary.

List of parts

Printed parts

The case can be printed in one piece and does not require any support structures. The print time is about 2 hours and about 20g of filament is printed at 15% infill.

The cover is also printed and is made of white PLA. It has been reduced in diameter slightly for easy insertion.

No commercial use without prior permission.

(If the download does not start by itself: right click -> select save link as)

Wiring and assembly

The wiring of the LEDs is very simple in this case and is done according to the instructions from Simhub (link). Assembly at your own risk!

DIN -> D6
4-7VDC -> 5V

Simhub setup

In Simhub, the appropriate sketch is then installed on the Arduino Nano (see link for instructions). Then the desired effect must be configured in Simhub in the section Arduino -> RGB Leds. In this case, when the redline is reached, all twelve LEDs light up.

It is also possible to display flags and other effects.

The finished Shift Light

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