Polsimer GT2 Button Plate Alu on Sale

Polsimer GT2 Button Plate Alu on Sale

Polsimer, a manufacturer of simracing hardware that is reasonably priced compared to other manufacturers, has published an offer for the GT2 Button Plate Alu this weekend. Instead of around 340€, the Polish supplier sells it until Sunday for 290€ including taxes.

As buttons you can choose between buttons of the model GQ12B or for about 50€ extra charge of the model MPS 103 F (also known as Knitter_Buttons). Also optional are the RGB LEDs in the upper area, which should be chosen in any case for the small surcharge of only about 17€, if you should decide for the Button Plate.

As encoders are installed high-quality CTS288s, which give a very nice feedback and a 7-way Funky-Switch completes the overall package.


  • Carbon fiber shifter paddles with magnets
  • 7x MPS103F Knitter Switches or GQ12B Onpow
  • 1x FunkySwitch (7 functions)
  • 2x CTS288V rotary encoders with push buttons
  • Two sets of mounnting bolts: 6pcs M5x60mm and 6pcs M5x70mm
  • Idustrial type spring elastic cable with WEIPU connectors and additional extender USB cable and mounting housing
  • Only 700 gram weight.

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