MOZA Racing: 9 NM R9 Wheel Base + Formula Wheel GS now available

MOZA Racing: 9 NM R9 Wheel Base + Formula Wheel GS now available

Moza Racing’s product range has two new additions to look forward to: a 9 Newton-meter entry-level wheelbase and, as a supplement to the existing GT steering wheels, a compact Formula wheel.

R9 Wheel Base

The Direct Drive Wheel Base, which is smaller in both power and dimensions compared to MOZA Racing’s R16, has 9 Newton meters to match the name and is equipped with an aluminum housing. Moza promises a simple setup and a latency-free wireless power and data connection between the base and the in-house steering wheels. The base is available in black and white.

In Germany, the base can be purchased from Sim-Motion. The price of 439€ is a real challenge to Fanatec’s CSL-DD, which costs 349.95€ (5 NM) and 479.95€ (8 NM).


Applicable PlatformPC
Driving typeDirect Drive
Maximum Steering AngleUnlimited
Housing MaterialAluminum Alloys
Housing ColorBlack / White
Maximum Torque9 N·m
Maximum Power180W
Input voltage110V~220V AC —>36V DC
USB Refresh Rate1000Hz
Wheel Base Indicator LightApplicable
APP FunctionalitiesApplicable
Quick ReleaseApplicable
Connection PortStarting Switch, Power Supply, Data, Emergency Stop Switch, Display Screen
AccessoriesUser Guide, Warranty Card, Power Supply, USB Cable, Took Kit
Mounting4 holes on the bottom; exclusive holder that supports angle adjustment and side fix; table clamp
Table ClampOption
Side MountingOptional
Emergency Stop SwitchOptional
Firmware UpdatingOptional
Size (L x W x H)(mm)240x157x124

MOZA GS Steering Wheel

The also new Formula_Wheel from MOZA Racing stands out mainly due to its front plate made of Forged Carbon and the adjustable RGB lighting of the buttons. The Alcantara-covered grips and the shape are very similar to the Fanatec Formula Wheels, but at 300mm, the steering wheel is a good deal larger. The GS Steering Wheel from MOZA Racing comes standard with a Dual Clutch and Magnetic Shifter Paddles made of 3 millimeter thick Fordged Carbon as MOZA writes on their website. The equipment is rounded off by a shift indicator, which is also equipped with RGB LEDs.

The steering wheel can also be purchased from Sim-Motion in Germany. The price is 499€, which puts it at the lower end of the market.


Grip MaterialAlcantara® made in Italy
Frame and Front Plate MaterialForged carbon fiber
Shifter Paddle Material3 mm-thick forged carbon fiber
Size300mm GT standard wheel
Magnetic Shifter Paddles2
Dual Clutch Paddles2
Luminous Mechanical Keys10
Thumb Knobs (pressable)2
Band Knobs5
LED Lamp Beads RGB10
LED Colors7 for customization
Intelligent TelemetryYes
Light setting in MOZA Pit HouseYes
Knock-Down (K/D) MethodD1 spec quick release
Transmission ModeWireless
Paddle SensorContactless photoelectric sensor
Dual Clutch Shifter Paddle ModesSynthesis axis/Independent axis/button

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