Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro – Review

Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro – Review


This review of the Gran Turismo DD Pro can be seen as an extension of the review of the CSL DD, since the two wheel bases are not fundamentally different from a technical point of view. The Fanatec GT Pro is compatible with Sony consoles due to an additional built-in chip.

Consequently, the main focus of this review is on the included steering wheel. A review of the CSL pedals will be published separately at a later time.

Order and shipping

The only way to buy the DD Pro is currently directly through the dealer Fanatec in conjunction with the bundles available there. These differ from each other by an optional boost kit for more torque, as well as the additional load cell for the CSL pedals in the Premium bundle.

Gran Turismo DD Pro (5 NM)

  • Gran Turismo DD Pro direct drive Wheel Base
  • Gran Turismo DD Pro steering wheel
  • Pedals of Gran Turismo DD Pro (two-pedal set)
  • Table clamp
  • 90 W power supply (regional

Gran Turismo DD Pro (8 Nm)

  • Gran Turismo DD Pro direct drive Wheel Base
  • Gran Turismo DD Pro steering wheel
  • Pedals of Gran Turismo DD Pro (two-pedal set)
  • Table clamp
  • 90 W power supply (regional
  • Boost Kit 180

Gran Turismo DD Pro Premium Bundle

  • Gran Turismo DD Pro direct drive Wheel Base
  • Gran Turismo DD Pro steering wheel
  • Pedals of Gran Turismo DD Pro (two-pedal set)
  • Table clamp
  • 90 W power supply (regional
  • Boost Kit 180
  • CSL Pedale Load Cell Kit

Compatibility and settings

Each set is fully compatible with all current PC games and can be used with all current CSL, ClubSport and Podium steering wheels as well as all currently available pedals, shifters and the handbrake from Fanatec.

The GT Pro steering wheel can also be operated on all available Wheel Bases from Fanatec.

PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5

Ebenso ist daAlso, the set is of course compatible with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Fanatec recommends the following settings for Gran Turismo Sport, for example:

Tuning Menu Settings (empfohlen durch Fanatec)

  • FF 100
  • FFS Peak
  • NDP 30
  • NFR Off
  • NIN Off
  • INT 3
  • FEI 100
  • FOR 100
  • SPR 100
  • DPR 100
  • BLI User Preference
  • SHO 100
  • BRF User Preference



Fanatec has given the steering wheel both REV LEDs and a small OLED screen. The diffuse LED band consists of yellow, red and blue LEDs and helps to find the right switching point if the simulation supports the corresponding telemetry data.

In addition, there is a white OLED screen that can be used for displaying the tuning menu as well as for the gear display, for example (see Driving Impression section).

Function keys

The steering wheel’s function keys are light and shade at the same time. Of course, they are ideally suited for use on a PlayStation, because every button on a PlayStation controller is also found on the wheel.

For many other uses, rotary controls would offer significant added value, for example, to adjust the traction control or ABS. Fanatec also does without their popular 7-way radio switch for this steering wheel. All in all, the following function keys are used:

  • 5-Wege-Richtungsschalter für die Menünavigation
  • 5-way direction switch for menu navigation
  • Four additional 5-way directional switches
  • Two shift paddles
  • 11 buttons corresponding to the PlayStation user interface

The keys can all be reached comfortably and are satisfactorily manufactured (see detailed photos). The pressure points are also completely acceptable, only the L2, R2, L3 and R3 keys fall a bit short in this respect due to a not very defined pressure point.

Gearshift paddles

The original paddle shifters (see picture from Fanatec) do not have magnets and therefore release relatively undefined when actuated. To counteract this, there are third-party solutions. For this review, a conversion kit from was provided free of charge.

Use the discount code Simracing-PC to get a 5% discount on the addon from Betterparts. (SImracing-PC does not receive any commission for this).

The kit costs 27.99€ and includes wider paddles, additional 3D printed plastic parts for mounting, and nuts and bolts. For the installation, the steering wheel has to be unscrewed and parts of the inner workings have to be removed. You will be rewarded with a much more responsive shifting feel, so the 30-minute conversion is worth it in any case.

You can find a direct comparison of the original paddle shifter with the converted one in a video from the manufacturer below:

Herstellervideo – Betterparts

The Rim

The steering wheel has non-slip rubber grips that provide a secure grip at all times, be it during quick direction changes or long racing sessions in hot temperatures. The build quality of both the grips and the plastic steering wheel interior is good, but it remains to be seen how the silver plastic will look after intensive long-term use.

Dimensions and weight

With a diameter of around 280 millimeters, the steering wheel designed by Polyphony Digital is currently the smallest representative of round wheels in Fanatec’s range (comparison: CSL P1: 300 millimeters, BMW V2: 320 millimeters). In combination with the low weight, this results in an extremely agile driving experience.

Driving impression


The Gran Turismo DD Pro from Fanatec is currently by far the cheapest way to race on a PlayStation with a direct drive base. Starting at 699€, you get a system that is superior in every respect to a Thrustmaster T-GT II at a similar price.

If the budget allows it, both the Boost Kit for more power and an upgrade of the pedals are worth a clear recommendation.

It would be desirable if Fanatec also offered the DD Pro without pedals and steering wheel, as these may already be available in individual cases or may not be desired. Even though you get a good entry into the world of simracing with the steering wheel included in the set, other steering wheels from Fanatec’s range are once again much higher quality and score with standard magnetic switches or the use of higher-quality materials.

Overall, however, the set remains a clear recommendation for almost every simracer on the PlayStation.

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