Thrustmaster: Next Gen Quick Release – DD-Teaser

Thrustmaster: Next Gen Quick Release – DD-Teaser

Thrustmaster has stayed true to its previous approach – releasing information about the new DD Base only in bits and pieces – and has once again posted a teaser on Twitter (link). The focus this time is on a new quick release system, which was certainly necessary for operation at higher forces. The picture suggests a lever-like locking mechanism. It will be interesting to see how it performs in practice.

Next news in early March, first criticism on Twitter

With the announcement that the next information will be released on March 3 this year, a similar picture seems to be emerging as with the SF1000 steering wheel, which was also teased well in advance of its release.

In the meantime, the first disgruntled voices are spreading on Twitter regarding the long wait for the actual release. Here the reaction of Thrustmaster is to be awaited with excitement.

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