Logitech K400 Plus – Keyboard for simracers – review

Logitech K400 Plus – Keyboard for simracers – review

For simracers on a PC, two input devices are practically indispensable: A mouse and a keyboard. If you don’t want to race without these and want to use the in-game menu with comfort, then almost only wireless variants come into question. One candidate that combines a keyboard and a mouse (in the form of a touchpad) in one device is the K400 Plus from Logitech.

Low price, solid performance

The Logitech keyboard is on sale at Amazon (link*) for around €40, offering all the basic functions you need in simracing.

  • German QWERTY layout
  • 3.5 inch touchpad with two mouse buttons
  • Three media buttons (volume up/mute/mute)
  • Additional media buttons via a function key (FN)
  • Additional button for mouse clicks

The budget keyboard has an extremely simple design with only discreet yellow accents, and simple plastic was used as the material. In other respects, too, both the workmanship and the material appearance are one thing above all: practical.

Purposeful is also the word that best describes the Logitech keyboard. It works reliably and without problems, has no disconnections and a very long runtime at that.

Of course, neither the built-in touchpad comes close to the feel of a MacBook, nor the built-in flat keys to the typing feel of a mechanical keyboard. But for the price and especially for the purpose of navigating in-game menus, it definitely doesn’t have to.

Batteries instead of rechargeable batteries, connection via Unifying Dongle 

Instead of using rechargeable batteries, Logitech relies on two AA batteries for the K400 Plus. According to the manufacturer, these are supposed to last for about 18 months, which is indeed possible despite regular use. In my opinion, the disadvantages of the lack of a rechargeable battery are clearly compensated for by the enormous runtime with two batteries. In addition, rechargeable AA batteries can of course be used.

The connection with the PC is realised via a very small plug&play unifying receiver. So far this has worked without radio interruptions, Logitech states a range of about 10 metres. In the test, the first incorrect entries only occurred at this distance, including two walls.

Application in practice

In the practice of everyday simracing, Logitech’s sleek keyboard has proven itself completely so far. Its compact design makes it easy to integrate into your own rig and can be quickly and easily picked up when needed. As an additional operating aid, there is a function key for a mouse click at the upper left corner of the keyboard, this is especially helpful for drag&drop actions.

When visiting Simracing Expo 2021, it became more than clear how common the K400 Plus is in simracing, with more than half of the exhibitors resorting to it for their setups.

Technical data

Anzahl Batterien2 (Typ AA)
Akku- Laufzeit18 Monate
(BxHxT) (cm)35 cm x 2 cm x 14 cm
Gewicht340 g
Funk-Reichweite bis zu10 Meter
LieferumfangKabellose Tastatur mit Touchpad, Unifying Nano-Empfänger, 2 Batterien vom Typ AA (bereits eingelegt), Bedienungsanleitung
Packmaße (BxHxT) (cm)37 cm x 3. 1 cm x 15.3 cm


This keyboard is a real recommendation, not just price-conscious simracers. It has more than proven itself in the meantime, does not afford any coarser weaknesses and is always reliable. For the advertised price, you certainly won’t go far wrong here.


  • Long battery life
  • Price
  • Reliability
  • Compact dimensions
  • Plug&Play


  • … However, not rechargeable
  • Materials commensurate with the price
  • .

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  1. I connect this keyboard to a small Android box connected to an HDMI port on my Hisense Google TV. The cursor works but I cannot type anything unless I also press down the yellow mouse key. How do I fix this problem. I can follow step by step instructions. At 77 I need that. Thanks

    • Unfortunately, we do not have such a device to check this out. However, we wish you good luck with the problem solving.

      Best regards,

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