The manufacturer Simucube has launched its first own steering wheel, the SIMUCUBE TAHKO GT-21 WIRELESS WHEEL. According to the manufacturer, it will have the following features:

  • Two digital and adjustable magnetic paddles
  • 7-way switch (4 directions, rotary encoder, middle button)
  • Ten high-quality industrial-grade buttons
  • Rotary encoder
  • Wireless technology utilizing Simucube Wireless Wheel System
  • 320 mm. lightweight CNC-finished steel flat GT-Rim with durable Suede fabric finish
  • Weight 2.1 kg.

The price of the new steering wheel is in the upper mid-range at around 816€, and SImucube forgoes LEDs for shift indicators, illumination of buttons or an excessive number of function keys for the time being.

Availability is stated as the end of November.

Simucube Button

The biggest innovation compared to other steering wheels is the Simucube button introduced with the Tahko GT-21.

The Simucube button is a new way for racers to change the most common force feedback parameters directly on the steering wheel while driving.

  • Parameter adjustments can be made on the fly
  • The Simucube button is a unified feature for all upcoming Simucube steering wheels as well as the Simucube Wireless Wheel 2 modules

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