MOZA Racing – Direct Drive Base + Wheel + Pedals + Dash

Racing – Direct Drive Base + Wheel + Pedals + Dash

The Chinese manufacturer Moza has launched its own simracing brand, Moza Racing. The range starts with two different direct-drive systems, which are complemented by matching steering wheels, Loadcell pedals and a 5-inch dashboard. Test reports are not yet available. The prices are relatively high and it remains to be seen whether the manufacturer will be able to put pressure on the current big names of the simracing market with these products.

MOZA Racing R16 Direct Drive Wheel Base – 1199€ + shipping

The manufacturer promises 16 NM of direct-drive torque from an industrial-grade engine in the R16 Base. Inspired by supercars, the R16 has a 3D-moulded body and a two-tone car paint job. To add to the realism, Moza says the R16’s body was made from aircraft-grade aluminium alloy.

Applicable PlatformPC
Driving typeDirect Drive
Maximum Turning AngleLimitless
DisplayColor Display (Option)
Maximum Torque16 N·m
Maximum Power360W
Input voltage220V AC→36V DC
Encoder Resolution262144ppr
USB Refresh Rate1000Hz
Quick ReleaseYES
InterfacePower Supply, Data, General Interface
AccessoriesInstructions,Power Supply,USB Cable,Warranty Card,Screw
External Devices AdapterOption
Mounting4-Hole Pattern on the Bottom, Side Mounting Support with Special BRKT
Mounting BracketBottom Angle Adjustment Bracket/Side Fixing Bracket
Table ClampOptional
Side MountingYES
Emergency StopOption
Firmware UpdateYES
L x W x H327mm x 170mm x 130mm
Warranty1 Year
APP FunctionYES
Shifting Indicator LightYES

MOZA Racing R21 Direct Drive Wheel Base – 1399€ + shipping

The Moza R21 is the stronger version of the R16 and, as the name suggests, comes onto the market with 21 Newton metres. The manufacturer promises: With the same volume, the maximum torque of the R16 is 30 % higher. The torque ripple and cogging torque have been further optimised, resulting in the ultimate smooth steering feel.

MOZA Racing CRP Pedals – 529€ + shipping

The pedals from Moza appear to be in the range of the Heusinkveld Sprint. According to Moza, the three pedals each have a built-in CRP pedal sensor with a wide range of force detection. The MOZA MPressure always measures force accurately, from the gentlest heel and toe taps to fast, hard brake strokes. Pedal travel and inclination can be variably adjusted.

Overall materialAll aluminum alloy with CNC process
Load cell1500N/750N
The actual maximum monitoring force of the brake750N/375N
Throttle formOrgan floor type
Pedal forceAdjustable
Pedal face angleAdjustable
Pedal distanceAdjustable
Pedal FlushAdjustable
Pedal strokeAdjustable
Connection wayAdjustable

MOZA Racing wheel – 529€ + shipping

The steering wheel from Moza is operated without a cable connection and is probably only compatible with the manufacturer’s Direct Drive Base. In addition to the now obligatory shift paddles, it is also equipped with a double clutch and has various function buttons. According to the manufacturer, Alcantara / Nappa leather imported from Italy was used as the material for the rim, and forged carbon for the front panel. At 13 inches (~33cm), it is relatively large; its unique selling point is probably the continuous LED band for the speed display.

Wheel materialsItaly imported Alcantara/Nappa first layer leather
Frame materialBrushed aluminum alloy
Panel materialForged carbon fiber
Back materialaluminum alloy
paddles material3mm forged carbon fiber
paddles magnetGold-plated N52 magnet
Magnetic paddles quantity4
Mechanical keyboard texture buttons10
20-segment knob (can be pressed)2
Universal rocker (can be pressed)2
Racing horn1
Highlight LED RGB lamp10
LED colorColor customization
Smart telemetrySupport
Set up the lights through the MOZA Pit HouseSupport
The light changes color with the rotationSupport
Assembly wayD1 SPEC Realistic Racing Quick Release
Power supplywireless
Signal transmissionwireless
Magnetic paddles induction methodPhotoelectric contactless
Magnetic paddles modeDual-clutch/single-clutch/switch

Moza Dashboard / Screen – 319€ + shipping

The Moza dashboard, which unfortunately can also only be used in conjunction with the manufacturer’s base, is made of aluminium and has a 5-inch screen with the familiar resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. Initially, 10 simulations are supported; unfortunately, Simhub support does not seem to be available yet.

Size5 inch
Colorpoint16.7 million
Refresh rate60HZ
Frame materialAluminum alloy
UI style6 kinds
Display contentSpeed, rotation speed, gear position, fuel volume, current lap speed, fastest lap speed, last lap speed, real-time difference with the fastest lap, tire pressure, ranking, relative time difference with the opponent, etc.

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