Turn Racing TDU5 – Dashboard with RGB-LEDs

Turn Racing TDU5 – Dashboard with RGB-LEDs

Turn Racing, an American manufacturer of simracing equipment, has announced their first dashboard, the TDU5, on their Disorcd server. Otherwise known for steering wheels (test report), button plates and a large DIY community, the manufacturer is logically expanding its range with the dashboard, serving the desire of many for an affordable 5-inch monitor with additional RGB LEDs.

Compatible with Simhub, Z1 and JRT

Turn Racing’s dashboard will be compatible with several dashboard vendors, including Joel Real Timing (JRT) and Z1 Dashboard (Z1).

The free software Simhub is also supported, which is fully customisable by the user. There are thus no limits to one’s own creativity; here, for example, you can find the free dash to match Peugeot’s new hypercar: Peugeot 9X8 dashboard for Simhub

Technical specifications

Not all the technical specifications of the new TDU5 are known yet, but the following features are certain:

  • 5-inch screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels
  • Individually addressable RGB LEDs
  • USB-C port on the back

Availability and price

The dashboard will be available in stores in December, according to Turn Racing, and will be priced at $197. This makes it significantly cheaper than comparable products from other well-known manufacturers such as Precision Sim Engineering and Sim Racing Hardware. For buyers in Europe, the price is only somewhat clouded by the comparatively high shipping costs and additional taxes + customs.

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