Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Ultimate+ available

Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Ultimate+ available

The new pedals from Heusinkveld are available now. For 1,061€ you get the 2-Üedal-Set, consisting of throttle and brake, for 1,307€ the set including clutch is available.

Launch trailer

Upgrade kit to be released on 27 July

Contrary to the announcement that the upgrade kit for older Heusinkveld pedals would be released at the same time as the new Ultimate+, the release date for this has been set for 27 July. Users who want to upgrade don’t have to wait long and can do so at the beginning of next week. More details will also be released then.

New software

The Sim Pedals Ultimate+ are supported by Heusinkveld SmartControl. You can now calibrate the pedals, set output curves and deadzones, and create, save and share multiple profiles.

The controller has a new housing made entirely of metal. The complete pedal system, including the electronics, is now EMC-tested, which can be advantageous for use with old Simucube systems or VR glasses, for example.


The pedals are only suitable for use with Windows on a PC, they cannot be used on consoles such as Xbox or Playstation.
The pedals are pre-calibrated (plug-and-play). If you want to use SmartControl to recalibrate or adjust certain pedal settings, this must be done on Windows (10))


Technical details by Heusinkveld

For more details on what’s new with the pedals, I recommend checking out the following article from the manufacturer: https://heusinkveld.com/sim-pedals-ultimate-plus-available-now/.

Heusinkveld promises improved durability and a cleaner brake feel. This is to be ensured by, among other things, new dampers and specially made injection moulded thermoset elastomers.

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