Heusinkveld pedal sale + announcement

Heusinkveld pedal sale + announcement

The popular Sim Pedals Ultimate from Heusinkveld are currently on sale directly from the manufacturer:

  • Sim Pedals Ultimate 3-pedal set: 1.049 EUR incl. VAT (EU) or 866,94 EUR excl. VAT (non-EU).
  • Sim Pedals Ultimate 2-pedal set: 819 EUR incl. VAT (EU) or 676,86 EUR excl. VAT (non-EU).

New announcement: Sim Pedals Ultimate+

The reason for the sale (link: https://heusinkveld.com/heusinkveld-on-sale-sim-pedals-ultimate/) is the soon to be released successor of the Sim Pedals Ultimate. For their release there will be a suitable update kit for the Sim Pedals Ultimate.

The manufacturer says the following:

This kit contains all Sim Pedals Ultimate+ parts which are performance enhancing and/or have improved wear characteristics. There will be minor aesthetical differences (eg. color changes) if you apply this Upgrade Kit to the classic Sim Pedals Ultimate.

If you buy the discounted Sim Pedals Ultimate and add the Upgrade Kit later, the total price will be approximately 10% lower compared to buying a complete set of Sim Pedals Ultimate+. In short, you will save money but will receive all the technical enhancements.


So it is advisable to buy the reduced Sim Pedals Ultimate right now if you want to upgrade to this or the Ultimate+ version in the near future.

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