Fanatec CSL DD and pedals – prices and details for sale

Fanatec CSL DD and pedals – prices and details for sale

Thomas Jackermeier , the CEO of Fanatec has listed in a new Youtube video the most important questions about the release of the new Fanatec products, the CSL DD with 5 and 8 Newton meters and the new CSL pedals. You can find the 11-minute video here:

Wie Teuer ist die CSL DD von Fanatec?

  • CSL DD with standard power supply (5 Nm): 349.95 EUR (incl. VAT), 349.95 USD (excl. VAT), 599.95 AUD, 47,900 JPY.
  • CSL DD with Boost Kit 180 (8 Nm): 479.95 EUR (incl. VAT), 479.95 USD (excl. VAT), 829.90 AUD, 65,500 JPY.
  • Boost Kit 180 purchased as a separate upgrade: 149.95 EUR (incl. VAT), 149.95 USD (excl. VAT), 259.90 AUD, 20,000 JPY.
  • CSL DD Table Clamp: 29.95 EUR (incl. VAT), 29.95 USD (excl. VAT), 49.95 AUD, 4,490 JPY.

How expensive are the new CSL pedals?

  • CSL Pedals (two pedal set): 79.95 EUR (incl. VAT), 79.95 USD (excl. VAT), 129.90 AUD, 10,500 JPY.
  • CSL Pedals Clutch Kit (adds a third pedal): 39. 95 EUR (incl. VAT), 39.95 USD (excl. VAT), 64.90 AUD, 5,490 JPY.
  • CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit and CSL Tuning Kit These accessories are not yet available. Fanatec will announce pricing and availability later this year. According to Fanatec, the CSL pedals with Load Cell Kit will be under 200,

Pre-sale in waves

Fanatec expects exceptionally high demand for its newly introduced Direct Drive Base for beginners. To fairly distribute the limited availability, each buyer will be able to order a maximum of one copy. The sale is divided into three waves. Pre-orders will be available starting this week, with details to follow here.

First wave:

  • Must use an existing Fanatec account with previous order history
  • Must be subscribed to the Fanatec newsletter
  • One unit per customer

Second wave:

  • Must have a Fanatec account
  • Must be subscribed for updates via
  • One unit per customer

Third wave:

  • Available on the website to anyone
  • One unit per customer

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