Fanatec again spreads rumors about new DD base – DD3, DD 0.5?

Fanatec again scatters rumors of new DD base – DD3, DD 0.5?

With their latest tweet, Fanatec has once again fueled the rumor mill. While the posted GIF leaves plenty of room for speculation, one part of the comment in particular stands out: of a new standardd.

Written this way, the word really only leaves room for speculation in the direction of a new DD base.

DD-0.5, CSW-DD or DD3?

The question that now needs to be answered: Is a DD coming within the currently sold-out CSW series? Is it a DD-0.5 below the DD1, which was already teased in an April Fool’s joke? Or is it a DD3, which is to be placed above the DD2? There is once again a lot of room for speculation.

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