Fanatec introduces new DD 0.5

Fanatec introduces new DD 0.5

For an unbeatable price of 349.95€, Fanatec has just introduced its new Direct Drive Wheelbase 0.5.

After the CSL Elite and CSW wheelbase have been out of the store for a short while, the question of why has now been answered. With the DD 0.5, Fanatec combines the features of a DD with the price of an entry-level wheelbase.

  • Everything will be smaller, even the gift box and driver software.
  • The super-innovative FluxBarrier™ technology has been integrated. Fanatec can’t really explain what it does, but it’s sensationally good… like it came straight from the future.
  • Naturally, Fanatec had to save weight to reduce shipping costs, so they made the inside out of carbon fiber, another innovation for sim racing and indeed electric motors in general.
  • This product combines the latest technology at a low cost. Fanatec could only achieve this by producing the base entirely with robots and selling it with chatbots.

More info on April Fool’s Day:*

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