Ascher Racing F28-SC V2 + F64-USB V2

Ascher Racing F28-SC V2 + F64-USB V2

As just announced on the official Instagram account of Ascher Racing, a new version of the two popular steering wheels F28-SC and F64-USB will be available from March 30:

New features

Both steering wheels now feature a rubber grip for the first time. According to Ascher, the new material, which is also increasingly used in racing, offers the following advantages:

  • Less wear
  • More grip
  • Can be used both with and without gloves, even with sweaty hands
  • Better hygiene
  • More pleasant hardness

In addition, the twelve-position rotary encoder built into the F64-USB is said to provide better feedback and better usability in “encoder mode” from now on.

The prices of the steering wheels are 669€ and 999€ including VAT.

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