Fanatec kündigt Podium Aroma Bar an

Fanatec kündigt Podium Aroma Bar an

The Fanatec Podium Aroma Bar. Generates a variety of authentic motorsport smells, including:

  • Burnt rubber
  • Race fuel
  • Exhaust gases

Standard Mode:

  • Constant scent of your choice

Advanced Mode:

  • Different scents triggered by telemetry in supported games
  • Fine-tune scent profiles via FanaLab

Advanced FunkyScentTM technology allows instantaneous mixing and distribution of smells*

Rechargable via USB-C, up to 30 hrs battery life Fan Boost

Use Podium Wheel Base fan controller for additional scent dissipation

Aroma Bar refills available separately

*Aromas are safe to inhale and are similar to those used in the food industry.

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